We offer a wide range of products from single-layer and double-layer pcb's as well as multilayer. These usually consist of a rigid material, e. g. FR4…. further


HDI boards offer the possibility of miniaturization. Characteristic of HDI printed circuit boards are blind and / or burried vias. Associated with this are often … further


Rigid-Flex circuit boards consist of a combination of rigid and flexible materials. They offer an ideal solution for difficult and limited space conditions… further


Flex circuit boards are usually made of polyimide and are nearly unlimited bendable. Becasue of the flexibility, there will be not need for wires and pluges… further


IMS circuit boards are using aluminum or copper as their basematerial, instead of FR4. They can be manufactured as a multilayer. Blind vias can … further


For decades we are in the printed circuit board industry represented as a trading company. With production facilities in Germany, Europa and China, Europe and China we can offer attractive prices and short delivery time.

With our employees we can offer a qualified support including all necessary requirements about the circuit board, from the planning to the production of the series and beyond.

Your products, made in all technologies, will be accompanied by our employees while still being in production. With that we can meet the highest quality demands. In our Office in China, we control all technical, quality and logistics processes.

We are your partner.
With us, no question remains open!

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