Standard LP

Layers 36
Base material FR4, CEM, RF materials, filled and unfilled materials, TG 130 – 200
Material final thickness starting at 0,4mm
base- or. Final copper
5µm, 9µm, 12µm, 18µm, 35µm, 70µm, 105µm, 210µm, others on request
Surfaces ENIG, ENEPIG, EPIG, OSP, Chem. AG, Chem. SN, HAL lead-free and leaded
Gold plated connector Yes
Press-fit technology Yes
Blind + Buried Via
Minimum drilling diameter 0,10mm
Aspect ratio
soldermask color White, Black, Green, Red, others on request
Contour routed, scored, punched, laser-cut
Size 1 + 2 Layers up to 1800mm x 400mm
Size multilayer
1250mm x 610mm
track width / -space 75µm / 75µm, others on request




Working days
Prototypes 1 – 5 + Shipping
Small series 5 – 15 + Shipping
samples from Far East 3 – 10 + Shipping
Series from far East 10 – 25 + Shipping
Special production On request + Shipping

Working days: Monday – Friday

Standard pcb's

We offer a wide range of products from single-layer and double-layer pcb's as well as multilayer. These usually consist of a rigid material, e. g. FR4.