Polymid without copperfoil 12,5µm, 25µm, 50µm, 75µm, 100µm, 125µm, 150µm, others on request
Aspect ratio 1:18
base- or. Final copper 5µm, 9µm, 12µm, 18µm, 35µm, 70µm, 105µm
soldermask flexible solder mask, coverlay
Layers 32
HDI superstructures Yes
track width / -space 75µm / 75µm, others on request
smallest mechanical drills 0,10mm
Smallest laser drill
Contour laser-cut, routed, scored,
Impedance if Polymid > 100µm
+/- 10%, on request +/- 5%
Surfaces ENIG, ENEPIG, EPIG, OSP, Chem. AG, Chem. SN, HAL lead-free and leaded
Working days
Prototypes starting at 5 + Shipping
Small series 10-20 + Shipping
samples for production release from far East starting at 10 + Shipping
Series from far East 15-30 + Shipping
Special production on request + Shipping
Working days: Monday – Friday

Rigid-Flex circuit boards

Rigid-Flex circuit boards consist of a combination of rigid and flexible materials. They offer an ideal solution for difficult and limited space conditions. Rigid-Flex circuit boards can be produced circuit as a multilayer or HDI.